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Postcard direct mail marketing
Affordable, targeted advertising for businesses seeking to reach specific neighborhoods in and around Aurora, Colorado while avoiding the need for a mailing list

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Key benefits of using 9" X 12" EDDM postcards for new leads and customers

Target Marketing

Cost effective way for your message to reach your target market. No mailing list required. Include a special offer to attract new customers.

Cost Effective

Only 5 1/2 cents per postcard with 14 or more businesses on a card mailed to 10,000 residents. Share all costs with other local businesses to get your message in front of prospects in a targeted area.

Measurable Results

Redemption of your redeemable offer is measurable. You can use this data in future marketing campaigns to promote your products and services.

Boost sales by using EDDM postcard advertising to get your offer in front of prospects and customers

We know EDDM 9" X 12" postcards

Reach 10,000 households in Aurora, Colorado with an annual household income of $42K+ for only 5 1/2 cents per postcard by sharing all costs with a minimum of 13 other advertisers on the card.

As you can see by looking at the sample 9" X 12" full color postcards, all of the businesses on these cards have redeemable offers in their ad designed to bring back existing customers and to attract new customers, but this is optional.

Ideal businesses for postcard direct mail marketing

Build your business quickly. A 9X12 EDDM postcard is ideal for any type of business that provides a service. Here are just a couple of service based businesses that could benefit from having an ad on a postcard.

  1. gyms
  2. movers
  3. dentists
  4. pet care
  5. lawncare
  6. restaurants
  7. bookkeepers
  8. chiropractors
  9. insurance agents
  10. real estate agents
  11. physical therapists
9 X 12 inch direct mail postcard marketing
9 X 12 inch direct mail postcard

I am seeking small businesses that are looking to reach ten thousand households in Aurora, Colorado, in neighborhoods with annual incomes of $42,000+.

Contact Jim Juris today at 303-781-2901 to learn more or to reserve your spot on a card.

About Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Mailing Services


No envelope to open. People can hold the postcard in their hand and hang it on their refrigerator.

This high gloss, full-color postcard really sticks out from your other mail so ads will grab the attention of the recipient almost immediately.

Every door direct mail 9 X 12 inch direct mail postcard arriving in mailbox


There is no need to purchase a mailing list when using Every Door Direct Mail to mail out jumbo size postcards to targeted areas.

Placing a redeemable offer on the postcard will motivate new customers to do business with you.

The more appealing you make your special offer, the better your chances will be for your ad to bring in new customers.

I recommend using a dollar amount for your special offer, such as “$5 off” rather than a percentage off number such as “15% off”.

For example, if you are a dentist, you could advertise teeth cleaning and full mouth e-rays for a special price in order to bring in new dental patients.

Your ad could announce a new location, services you provide and also tell potential customers how you can solve a problem they are having, such as fixing a leaking faucet.


If you were to send out ten thousand postcards in a marketing campaign for your business, on your own, it would cost you around two thousand dollars, just for the postage.

You would also need to find someone to design the postcard with your ad and then find a printer to print ten thousand postcards.

I can not and do not make any promise or guarantee on how well the response from your ad will turn out.

The only thing that I can promise when you place an ad with a redeemable offer on a postcard is exposure. For the best response, make your special offer enticing.

A non refundable 50% deposit is required up front to create an ad for your business and to lock in your place on the postcard.

Remaining balance is do upon your approval of the ad. Delaying approval of your ad forfeits your deposit and a place on the postcard.

I contacted a local printer and asked them for a quote to do everything for me for a 9X12 postcard except for the ad and postcard design. The quote they gave me was just under seven thousand dollars.

If you were to hire a graphic designer to design a postcard for your business it could cost you another $150 to $350.

Spending five hundred and fifty dollars is far less expensive than spending seven thousand dollars to reach ten thousand households using direct mail marketing.

If you have print ready artwork I can use your high resolution artwork and try and design a suitable ad for your business.

I am not a professional graphic designer, but by practicing a lot I think I do pretty good when it comes to graphic design.

Judge for yourself by looking at the graphics you see on this page such as the mailbox graphic and these sample ad graphics.

Postcard Half Size Ad

EDDM postcard half size ad design example

Postcard Ad Example 1

EDDM postcard sample ad design

Postcard Ad Example 2

EDDM postcard ad design example

Postcard Marketing Aurora

I plan on offering three ad sizes, half, full and double size. Shown above are examples of a full and half size ads I created for a fictitious Italian restaurant along with a fictitious donut shop ad.

The advantage to having a double size ad is it allows you to offer more redeemable special offers in your ad. Another option would be to have a full size ad on both sides of the postcard instead of having a double size ad.

As you can see by looking at the ad graphics shown above, the half size ad does not have enough room to include an image or a special offer. All ads will have some spacing all around them like you see in the half size ad example.

It will take approximately ten calendar days from the day I send the order to the printer until the postcard arrives in mailboxes.

Grow Your Business Using Direct Mail Advertising

If you prefer, I can do a solo mailing postcard too. There will be a higher cost since the card is only for your business. This type of postcard can work well for real estate agents, dental and medical practices because there is room on both sides of the postcard for your message, coupons and/or special offer.

No long term contract. There is a contract, but it is only for a single postcard ad. If everything works out with the first postcard, I am hoping to be able to do a number of other postcards to either the same area or a number of different areas in and around Denver and Aurora, Colorado.

Please contact me if you are interested in securing a spot on a 9X12 direct mail postcard, or if you have any questions about the design, printing or mailing service I provide, please contact me by email at cameraman330@gmail.com or call me, 303-781-2901.

If you are searching for a postcard marketing service near Denver, I am in Englewood.


Choose a pricing plan that fits your advertising needs.

  • Half Size Ad
    ~ 2.8" X 1.9"
  • 10,000 Households with $42K+ annual household income
  • Price includes ad design, printing and mailing costs
  • No competitors on postcard
  • No long term contract
  • No special offer or photo
    ad is too small for photo or special offer
  • $325

    one time payment
  • Call 303-781-2901 To Sign Up
  • Full Size Ad
    ~ 2.8" X 3.8"
  • 10,000 Households with $42K+ annual household income
  • Price includes ad design, printing and mailing costs
  • No competitors on postcard
  • No long term contract
  • Includes a special offer or photo
  • $550

    one time payment
  • Call 303-781-2901 To Sign Up
  • Double Size Ad
    Choice of 2 regular size ads or one double size ad
  • 10,000 Households with $42K+ annual household income
  • Price includes ad design, printing and mailing costs
  • No competitors on postcard
  • No long term contract
  • Includes a special offer or photo
  • $975

    one time payment
  • Call 303-781-2901 To Sign Up

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