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Engaging yet simple pet website design for dog, cat, bird and other pet care small businesses

I see lots of websites that have been "over" designed. What I mean by that is they were designed by web designers who, for whatever reason, like to add lots of "flashy" things to their designs in order to impress their clients.

These "flashy" things, such as numbers that are changing rapidly, may look good but they don't really do anything to increase leads and/or sales.

Adding lots of "unnecessary" things to a website, just because I can, is not a strategy that I believe in, or follow. In fact, this strategy may do more harm than good because web page load time is affected, which is one of the search engine ranking factors for search engine optimization (SEO).

As a web designer, my goal is to design pet sites that will make a good first impression on my clients website visitors and turn more prospects into leads and customers. You only have five to ten seconds to make a good first impression on your visitors.

In order for me to be able to bring you more customers and more sales, I need to design sites for what your visitors will like rather than for what you like.

Your visitors are coming to your website looking for information, not to see things that distract them from finding information they are seeking quickly.

If you aren't in favor of this strategy, then we will not likely be a good fit.


For example, is having a huge photo of you and your dog in the header image for your dog walking, dog sitting or dog grooming business good web design? Maybe not, because it will increase the page load time, which affects search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO.

I prefer to have a smaller size header image, or no header image, as you see above, in order to allow visitors to see a good amount of content on the page, without scrolling. Make sense?

For example, you can tell immediately that this site is about website design for dog, cat and bird small businesses. At the top of this page, you can see my main heading, a sub-heading, a phone number and a large portion of a captivating image of a cat, when using a desktop computer.

I did not put a large cat image up at the top of the page and push the headings and my contact information further down on the page.

Over in the right hand column, you can see a photo of myself along with my name and where I live, all without scrolling, when viewed on a desktop computer.

Compare that to a website where potential customers see a large header image and not much of anything else without scrolling. Which one of these two examples do you think will make a better first impression on visitors and keep them on the site longer?

Although I did not mention it above, I am also interested in designing websites for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Designing websites for mobile devices first

I strongly believe that all websites should be designed for mobile device users first rather than the other way around.

Still reading? Great. By remaining on this web page you just confirmed what I am saying. This is also what I want for your prospects when they land on your site. Please contact me at 303-781-2901 if you are in need of an affordable website designer.

The most valuable real estate on any website is the area you can see above the fold!

cartoon drawing of a newspaper

Above the fold refers to the area on a web page you can see without scrolling. It is the upper portion of a newspaper you see in a display stand.

Notice my logo is small. I made it small on purpose, in order for visitors to be able to see more content without scrolling. This will allow readers, who are likely skeptical at first, to see enough information on the page to allow them to start building trust.

Advantages to having a one page website verses having a multi-page site

Here are a few advantages to having a one page website over a multi-page site.

  • cost
  • website can be created quickly
  • easy for visitors to find the information they need
  • great way for an established or a startup home service business to have an online presence

If you don't have a lot of content for your site and/or don't want to hire a writer to write content, a two-column one page website is the best way to go.

Just to be clear, my web design services are not limited to just businesses that provide petcare.  I am happy to create websites for any type of service business as long as you are not seeking an ecommerce site.

My non typical web design style - keeping things simple

Creating this one page pet website was a huge challenge for me, but I took the challenge anyway. I have not hand coded a website using HTML and CSS in ages.

I used a huge amount of trial and error, with a big emphasis on the word "error" on this project.

This project has allowed me to bring my web design skills up to date, or at least a lot further than they were a short while ago. I won't bore you with all of the details about what I learned while doing this project.

Check out the two equal height columns and the dotted border that I created below. I could have created three equal height columns, but they would have been too narrow for what I am trying to create.

Column 1

Can I help you establish an online presence and obtain more customers by creating a website for your startup or existing canine, feline, bird or other pet services business?

  • New website design projects only
  • Sorry, I don't create eCommerce websites

a one page website may be perfect for these types of pet service businesses:

  • pet sitting
  • dog walking
  • dog training
  • pet boarding
  • pet grooming
  • veterinary care

Of course, I can also create a multiple page site for petcare small businesses using WordPress. Just click on one of the two links to visit my multiple page website.

I don't have hourly-based pricing. instead, I will be happy to provide you with a quote for any updates you request once I am finished creating your dog grooming, dog walking, dog training, pet boarding or pet sitting website.

African Gray Parrot

One of my favorite pets is an African Gray Parrot, like the one shown here. These parrots are very intelligent and are excellent when it comes to talking.

They have gray feathers on their body and red tail feathers.

Column 2

If you managed to make it this far down on the page, hopefully you like my work and found at least some of the content to be entertaining.

My goal as a web designer is to build long term business relationships with my clients.

Providing excellent customer service before, during and after the website design work has been completed is very important to me.


Fifty percent or more of website visitors now visit sites using a mobile device.

That is why all of my website design projects are created with a mobile-first approach. Your pet business website will look great on every device, regardless of screen size.

Please contact me at 303-781-2901, or email me at cameraman330 (at) gmail (dot) com. if you need a dog, cat, bird or any type of non eCommerce pet business website created.

Thank you for stopping by.

Here is the link to my Juris Website Design WordPress website. It has multiple pages and looks much different than this single page site.

Please click on the link above to check it out!

Jim Juris

Videos about your product(s) and/or services can be added to your one or multiple page site to engage your visitors and keep them on your website longer.

Incidentally, if you have a smart phone, you can create a video(s) for your business. I will be happy to edit the video for a small fee.

Here is a sixteen second video of a cute kitten in a boot. Check out my JimJurisVideos YouTube channel.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding website design for pets or any other type of small businesses. Call me at 303-781-2901.

About Web Designer Jim Juris photo of website designer Jim Juris

My name is Jim. I am a Englewood, Colorado freelance web designer interested in creating websites for the dog, cat, bird and other pet service niches in the Englewood, Colorado area.

You can contact me at 303-781-2901, email me at cameraman330 (at) gmail (dot) com.

As a pet lover myself, I am interested in designing websites for businesses that provide pet grooming, pet sitting, dog walking, pet adoption and other pet care related services.

Grow your pet service business by having an affordable and mobile responsive website created by Jim Juris to obtain new leads and to build your brand.

Website Audits

In addition to creating single and multiple page websites I also audit websites.

I have been reviewing websites for about fifteen years and I have performed over 600 assessments.

Learn more about my audits by visiting my Juris Website Design Website Review page.

Creating a fun yet challenging website

This is not my first rodeo website.

I created my first website in HTML4 back in 2002 using a book on HTML and CSS that I bought at a big box store.

However, this is the first website that I have created by hand coding the site using HTML5 and CSS.

Why would I do this when it is easy for me to create a website using WordPress?

With newer versions of HTML and CSS I wanted to learn what is new with the release of HTML5 and CSS3.

For me, the best way to learn code is by actually doing coding. So, I challenged myself to create a website entirely from scratch.

The time and effort I put in on this project will make me a better web designer.

It wasn't easy

I have had to face a number of challenges along the way

I hope that you like my work because I have spent many hours trying to create a great looking website by not using a WordPress template.

Instead of taking the faster and easier way of creating a mobile responsive website I am challenging myself to see if I can create a website by hand coding everything using just HTML and CSS.

Here is some information about HTML5 from Wikipedia.

cup of coffee

Instead of putting some Lorem Ipsum filler text all over this web page I decided to create content related to the pet service industry that I hope my visitors enjoy reading.

I had no idea where this little adventure was going to go

I just set out one day and decided to give it my all.

while pursuing this challenge I discovered many new things that I never knew where possible when creating sites using HTML and CSS.

I found it to be very challenging yet it has also been something that I really enjoyed doing.

My little HTML and CSS refresher ended up lasting about seven days.

Why? Because I created all of this content on the fly. Plus, I kept revising and improving the content.

I also added a scroll to the top button and a video.

My coffee break is up so it's time for me to go back to work.

cartoon of man working at his laptop computer

Thank you for reading the content on this web page. Please contact me if you need an affordable personal or small business website created.

303-781-2901, email me at cameraman330 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here is the link again to my Juris Website Design WordPress website. Please check it out.

golden retriever dog

Jim Juris